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Simple PE Tee 1
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Simple PE Tee

Simple PE Tee for Agricultural Irrigation Systems

The Simple PE Tee represents a fundamental component in agricultural irrigation systems, designed to enable seamless branching and redirection of fluid flow. Its significance in agriculture is paramount:
Precise Fluid Distribution: The Simple PE Tee offers precise control over fluid distribution within agricultural irrigation networks. This tee connector facilitates efficient branching, allowing optimal distribution of water or essential fluids to multiple locations across the farming landscape.
Adaptability and Durability: Engineered from high-quality polyethylene (PE), this tee exhibits exceptional durability and resilience, making it suitable for diverse agricultural environments. Its adaptability to various piping systems ensures reliable performance and longevity in different farming settings.
Optimized Irrigation Design: The tee's design allows for flexible irrigation layout by enabling seamless branching, ensuring an optimized flow path to deliver water precisely where needed. This aids in maximizing water distribution efficiency throughout agricultural fields.
Corrosion-Resistant Construction: Crafted from PE, known for its corrosion-resistant properties, the Simple PE Tee withstands harsh environmental conditions, reducing the risk of degradation and the need for frequent maintenance, thereby enhancing its longevity.

The Simple PE Tee is a pivotal component in agricultural irrigation systems, offering precise fluid distribution, adaptability across irrigation setups, optimized flow path design, and resilience to environmental conditions. Its robust construction and functional design contribute significantly to efficient and sustainable irrigation practices in farming.

Specification: 16mm


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    Dedicated to providing tailored irrigation solutions since 2012. 
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