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Micro Spray Emitters

Micro spray emitters are specialized irrigation devices that disperse water in a gentle mist or spray pattern over a designated area. These compact emitters, also known as micro sprinklers or micro sprayers, are widely used in gardens, landscapes, and agriculture to provide targeted watering for plants and crops.

Operating through nozzles, micro spray emitters offer adjustable spray sizes and patterns to suit different plant needs, ensuring efficient coverage and minimal water wastage. Their versatility allows installation above ground on stakes or mounted on risers, enabling precise targeting for specific plant beds or individual plants.

Micro spray emitters offer multiple advantages. Their fine mist reduces soil erosion and compaction while promoting optimal water absorption by plant roots. The controlled spray minimizes runoff and evaporation, leading to notable water savings compared to conventional methods.

Furthermore, these emitters can be customized with varying flow rates, spray patterns, and coverage areas, allowing tailored irrigation for different zones. Whether in small gardens or expansive agricultural fields, micro spray emitters provide efficient and precise watering for improved plant health and water conservation.

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Dedicated to providing tailored irrigation solutions since 2012. 
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